Sweta Jain launched her company in 2007, supplying only one of a kind pieces to private clientele. This period allowed for the designer to grow and expose a different side of gemstones. After the success of her exceptional piece line, Designer Sweta Jain decided to fill a void in the market for luxuriously fun pieces, enhancing Goshwara into a collection based brand two years later.

Goshwara is now positioned in retail stores around the country, offering over six collections in varying colors and silhouettes. The brand participates in prestigious jewelry shows such as Basel Switzerland and The Couture Show.

The plan and mission of Goshwara is to remain true to oneself. Individuality makes us who we are. Although Goshwara strives on tradition and timeless values, the innovated spirit is still incorporated in our jewelry.

The Designer

Designer and President Sweta Jain has been working with gemstones since childhood. She was never a child to shy away from a challenge, as Sweta and her brothers willingly accompanied their father to the mines of Africa. As a purveyor of stones to the finest jewelry houses globally, the Jain’s only saw fit to keep the entire family involved.

As, Sweta matured into a young woman, she became aware of budding interests. These interests led her to become a certified pilot, artist, and photographer. However, it was jewelry design, which stole her heart.

She enrolled at the Fashion Institute of Technology to study jewelry design. As she began developing her first designs, it was almost like a déjà vu. She was now inspired by the beautiful gems she once tossed around as a child.

“I love the idea of being able to create with gemstones; to mix the colors. When I dress up, I wear jewelry to show how I feel at that moment. My collection reflects that.”

Goshwara, the Meaning

GOSHWARA is a term used to describe a perfect shape. Forming a silhouette of perfect proportions, this shape also embodied the essence of femininity, with its luxurious curves. It was known that only the finest of craftsman, could create a Goshwara.

We use this idea of pristine craftsmanship today, to create Goshwara’s intricate collections. Our jewelry is designed and manufactured to exude sensuous curves with colorful confidence.  In a world, where originality gives way to trend, Goshwara is guided by the principles of timelessness and tradition.