This collection uses materials such as Mother of Pearl & Turquoise. Stones are mostly kept in their organic form with minimal modifications, ensuring each piece is unique.


“Freedom Lies in Being Bold – Robert Frost. This is the quote that inspired our “Freedom” collection which is comprised of loose colored gemstones in three beautifully shaped silhouettes, teardrops, ovals and cubes, enveloped by cages. The cages snap open unleashing the natural beauty of each gemstone, giving the wearer the freedom & options to create their own look.


Exclusive pieces composed of the rarest of gemstones and Goshwara’s traditionally exceptional craftsmanship.


Like any good piece of gossip, this collection carries a hint of shock value. They will have everyone in suspense about what Goshwara will do next.


The good guys never have as much fun! So why not create a little mischief?  These hand-polished candy-like discs will cause a desirable raucous in the midst of admirers, so please, wear with caution.

Rock ‘n Roll

Extensive collection of big and bold pieces. Like the music, this Rock ‘n Roll collection is electric in color and very stimulating to the eye. These exciting colors and silhouettes may bring out the rock star in you!


This collection has dangerous curves tied with exotic colors. When unveiled, these pieces will bring a smile to the conservative aficionado.


Go beyond expectations, Go Beyond limits and Go Beyond your comfort zone, with these precious and whimsical silhouettes.  Most of these precious beaded pieces act as ‘One of a Kinds’ due to their stunning and rare color, cuts and size.  This collection gives versatility to create a dressy or casual look.