The Studio

Goshwara has it's main Studio in New York City along with workshops in Mumbai (India) and New York. Below are the collections offered by the Brand...


As the saying goes, “Something between living & dreaming, there’s New York” and there’s Manhattan by Goshwara.

 Minimalist lines yet bold structures is what our Manhattan Collection is all about. Our pieces represent the famous skyline and cityscapes of New York City which people all over the world dream of seeing. You will be enraptured by our classic, yet flamboyant and colorful pieces….reminding you of the power and sleekness Manhattan can offer.


Our Queen Collection was inspired by royalty, but with a modern twist. The combination of enamel, diamonds, emerald, ruby, aqua and sapphire represents power, richness and passion of a true Queen. The feeling of luxury is what we’re aiming for, but at a price point that you can’t resist. This will be your everyday companion, your own treasure, your own crown. 

Limited Edition

These limited edition items are just that! Limited! 

Feel the exclusiveness in every piece from this collection and Feel the love in these limited edition creations which range from cabochon earrings and rings to our super fun and comfortable diamond hoop earrings.

Beautifully crafted, these special pieces from Goshwara are not to be missed!


This collection uses materials such as Mother of Pearl & Turquoise. Stones are mostly kept in their organic form with minimal modifications, ensuring each piece is unique.


“Freedom Lies in Being Bold" – Robert Frost.

This collection is comprised of loose colored gemstones in two beautifully shaped silhouettes, teardrops and ovals enveloped by cages. The cages snap open unleashing the natural beauty of each gemstone, giving the wearer the freedom & options to create their own look.


Like any good piece of gossip, this collection carries a hint of shock value. They will have everyone in suspense about what Goshwara will do next.

Rock ‘n Roll

Extensive collection of big and bold pieces. Like the music, this Rock ‘n Roll collection is electric in color and very stimulating to the eye. These exciting colors and silhouettes may bring out the rock star in you!


This collection has dangerous curves tied with exotic colors. When unveiled, these pieces will bring a smile to the conservative aficionado.


Go beyond expectations, Go Beyond limits and Go Beyond your comfort zone, with these precious and whimsical silhouettes. Most of these precious beaded pieces act as ‘One of a Kinds’ due to their stunning and rare color, cuts and size.  This collection gives versatility to create a dressy or casual look.


This collection is thriving with luxuriant center stones and colored pave that represent the rain and the forest together. Blue for water, green for the forest, purple for the blooming colors of flowers, and black & white for the soil, stones and clear water. Wear and feel Nature on your neck, ears, arm and fingers with Goshwara’s Rain Forest Collection.


The ‘Sugarloaf’ word means a molded mass of sugar and our version is made out of gold and diamonds. Sweet but sensational, small but fierce – and that is how this collection wants you to feel whenever you wear one. Goshwara caters to all kinds of jewelry addiction, this one might be yours.